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Baldų nešimo diržai - 5X280 cm - 4 vnt.

  • Baldų nešimo diržai - 5X280 cm - 4 vnt.

    Kodas: 74721
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  • Product description
    Belts made of durable polypropylene fabric with additional lining. Dimensions approx. 5 x 280 cm. Attached to the shoulders. Three length options possible. set of 4
    Designed for moving furniture or other heavy objects, e.g. during moving house.
    Belts depending on the model, worn on the back / like a harness / or on the forearms,
    they make it easy to move heavy, large objects, reducing effort and increasing safety at work,
    while protecting moved furniture from damage.
    The wide range of offered models allows you to choose belts that best suit your current needs.
    Purpose / Application
    For moving heavy, large objects, e.g. furniture during removals.
    Technical data
    Index number 74721
    EAN 5906083048715
    Brand Vorel
    Gross weight (kg) 0.9250
    Master Carton MC 20
    Inner Box IB 10
    Pal 240
    Width [mm] 50
    Number of elements [pcs] 4
    Length [m] 2.8