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Automobilių šampūno koncentratas raudonas 1000ml.

  • Automobilių šampūno koncentratas raudonas 1000ml.

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  • Highly effective car shampoo with fresh scent and material-protecting power formula
    easily mixable by adding water and then directly applicable
    add the desired amount of car shampoo to the water, apply to the surface of the vehicle with a sponge or wash glove and rub in, rinse off with water
    for effective, fast and thorough cleaning and removal of road dirt
    suitable for cleaning all painted surfaces, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, etc.
    leaving a shiny, streak-free surface
    for use on all water-resistant, washable surfaces
    can also be used for cleaning rims as well as motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and e-bikes
    can be used in a mixing ratio of 1:50 to 1:150
    Technical data
    Colour Red
    Gross weight 1050 g
    Content 1000 ml