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Automatinių žymeklių išmušėjų rinkinys dviejų galvučių 5vnt.

  • Automatinių žymeklių išmušėjų rinkinys dviejų galvučių 5vnt.

    Kodas: DCP5S
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    Essen Tools
  • 5Pcs Dual Head Center Punch & Hinge Pin Remover Punch Set
    material: alloy steel
    Hammerless Cold Chiseling: Cutting rivet heads, mild steel screws, copper wire, etc.
    Hinge Pin Removal Punch: Straighten and remove hinge pins effortlessly, avoiding accidental movement and damage to trim. These compact installers also provide hammer-like striking power without the need for separate tools, allowing them to work in areas that traditional hammers may not reach
    This machining kit is made of heat-treated hardened carbon steel and features non- finger cots. The reinforcement pack is only 6 inches, which is more durable for long-term use. Belt loop for attaching to belt for everyday carry
    Dual Center Punch: Works on any surface (wood or metal), powerful impact makes it a perfectly centered, highly visible mark on the surface
    Stud Nailer: Drives nails and brads into wood surfaces.