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  • Amortizatoriaus įrankių komplektas 39vnt.

    Kodas: YT-0628
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  • Product description
    A professional 39-piece key set for attaching shock absorbers.
    Purpose / Application
    specialist automotive service; replacement of shock absorbers in suspensions of European, Japanese and American cars.

    Application: the attachments are used to unscrew the bolt securing the shock absorber column, l-key to block the shock absorber insert. The socket wrench works in the axis of the cap, which means that it must be adjusted to its diameter and to the seat of the shock absorber insert. The key is used to hold the insert and at the same time, using the cap, loosen the bolt securing the column. L-keys and sockets have work profiles that are characteristic of a particular car brand and must be well-adjusted
    Technical data
    Index number YT-0628
    EAN 5906083906282
    Brand Yato
    Gross weight (kg) 7.0000
    Master Carton MC 3
    Pal 36
    Material CrMo SCM-415, CrV6140, CrV50BV30, STEEL 8660
    BMC packaging & color sleeve
    Size [mm] D5-T60
    Number of elements [pcs] 39