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  • Akumuliatorius LI- ION, 18V 6,0Ah

    Kodas: YT-82845
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  • Product description
    Efficient lithium-ion battery equipped with a system that protects the cells against overheating and loss of capacity. Thanks to the charge indicator, the user controls the working time.

    full charge time: 3h
    4-stage charge indicator
    protection against overheating of battery cells
    no memory effect - you can recharge the battery at any time without the risk of damaging the cells and reducing their capacity
    fast charging
    suitable for all 18 V devices
    Suitable for:

    impact wrenches: YT-82804, YT-82805, YT-82806
    multi-tool: YT-82818, YT-82819
    hedge trimmer: YT-82832, YT-82833
    telescopic hedge trimmer: YT-82834, YT-82835
    mortar mixers: YT-82880, YT-82881
    rotary hammers: YT-82770
    pruners: YT-82836, YT-82837
    Chainsaw: YT-82812, YT-82813
    circular saw: YT-82810, YT-82811
    miter saws: YT-82816, YT-82817
    saber saw: YT-82814, YT-82815
    inflating gun: YT-82894, YT-82895
    gun for silicone and glue: YT-82888, YT-82889
    glue gun: YT-82854
    paint gun: YT-82765
    trimmers: YT-82830, YT-82831
    angle grinders: YT-82826, YT-82827, YT-82828, YT-82829
    drills and drivers: YT-82780, YT-82781, YT-82782, YT-82783, YT-82784, YT-82794, YT-82795
    impact drills: YT-82786, YT-82787, YT-82788, YT-82789, YT-82796, YT-82797
    jigsaws: YT-82822, YT-82823
    impact drivers: YT-82800, YT-82801, YT-82802
    charger: YT-82848
    Charging time [h]: 3
    Battery voltage [V]: 18
    Battery capacity [Ah]: 6
    Battery type: Li-Ion