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Akumuliatorinis kuprinis purkštuvas 8Ah, 12V, 16l.

  • Akumuliatorinis kuprinis purkštuvas 8Ah, 12V, 16l.

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  • Product description
    The battery backpack sprayer is conveniently a device designed for protective and care spraying of crops.

    It can be used in:

    agricultural crops, in greenhouses
    in the gardens
    in orchards
    in the vineyards.
    It can also be used to control warehouse pests, disinfect, disinfect, and spray cleaning detergents. High quality materials that are resistant to acids and corrosion make the device tight and safe.

    Material: PE - polyethylene
    Capacity: 16 l
    Lance: stainless steel, telescopic, 3 different plastic tips
    Pump: automatic pressure pump with a capacity of 3.1 l / min
    Pressure: 1.5 - 4 bar
    Battery: 8 Ah, 12V, removable, 2.2 kg
    Charger: 1A