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Lituoklis 900mm., antgalis LCD / teperatūros reguliavimas 50-480C 80W

  • Lituoklis 900mm., antgalis LCD / teperatūros reguliavimas 50-480C 80W

    Kodas: YT-82701
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  • Product description
    Precise YT-82701 soldering iron with temperature control by means of buttons, adapted to the very popular replaceable tips from the 900M series. The built-in LCD display shows the set and then the real temperature of the tip, and allows you to calibrate the temperature.

    power: 80W
    temperature range: 50-480 ° C
    temperature accuracy: + -2 ° C
    temperature stabilization
    temperature calibration
    ceramic heater
    on-off button
    cable length: 1 m
    The YT-82701 soldering iron to the operating temperature of 350 ° C heats up in about 20 seconds

    The temperature stabilization function allows to maintain the set temperature of the tip in various conditions of heat demand for the proper soldering connection. Depending on the size of the soldered element, the tip gives off more or less heat, and the device, using the built-in tip temperature sensor, reads its real value on an ongoing basis and compares it to the set one, then, depending on the needs, it increases or decreases the power consumption to maintain the set temperature.

    The temperature calibration function allows you to recalibrate the built-in temperature sensor. Depending on the quality, size and degree of wear of the tip, a demanding user can calibrate the sensor with the help of a temperature measuring device. Correct reading not only has a positive effect on temperature stabilization, but helps an experienced user to avoid the error of overheating the connection in PCBs.

    Temperature calibration in YT-82701: shortly press the red button, then use the temperature adjustment buttons to set the real temperature of the tip and wait about 3 seconds until the setting is confirmed. During the calibration process, the temperature on the display flashes.


    Power [W]: 80
    Warm-up time [s]: 20 s to 350 ° C
    Max temperature of the tip [° C]: 480