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  • Diržo aptarnavimo įrankių komplektas 16vnt.

    Kodas: YJ-3
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    Essen Tools
  • Remove and install belts on serpentine systems using 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm and 18mm hex and both 3/8"" and 1/2""square drive sizes.
    Two extensions can be bolted on for hard to reach areas.
    9"" bar with 1/2"" square drive fits Chrysler 2.5 3.0 liter and Ford 4.6 liter engines.
    23""bar with 3/8"" square drive fits Ford 1.9,2.3 liter and GM 3.1 liter engines. Set also includes a GM Fan Clutch Wrench attachment.
    Designed to loosen and tighten fan clutch on 1996 and later GM trucks and vans.
    Unique design works with both 10mm and 13mm pulley bolts.