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  • Dažymo bakas 10L su purkštuvu 2mm.

    Kodas: (PX-4)
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  • A pneumatic spray gun used in conjunction with a painting tank. The set has very good spraying parameters and high painting speed. The spray system allows the use of a large amount of paint, which can be applied quickly, saving time and money. Smooth steel pressure container with high corrosion resistance. The aggregate can be used to apply virtually all paints and varnishes, adhesives, emulsions, stains, anti-corrosive paints, spray wallpapers. The tank is equipped with 4 rotating wheels for easy movement.

    Product features:

    easy painting without constantly adding paint
    tank with a capacity of 10 liters
    enables fast and clean application of adhesives without drying
    two-way air regulator to regulate the pressure inside the tank
    a set of hoses to connect the gun to the tank
    spray gun with 2.0 mm nozzle
    tank corrosion protection coating
    swivel dowel

    tank capacity - 10 liters
    air consumption - 220-280 l / m
    working pressure - 2-5 bar
    weight - 10 kg
    gun nozzle - 2 mm

    pressure tank with a capacity of 10 liters
    hose for connecting air to the gun - 2.9 m
    paint / glue gun transfer hose - 2.9 m
    spray gun with 2.0 mm nozzle